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President of IFAD hand in hand with the G77 and China in Rome

Rome Italy 27/10/2017
  On October 27, the Plenary Meeting of the G77 and China for the month of October, presided by the Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, S.E. Elias Eljuri Abraham, took place in the Green Room of the FAO headquarters [...]

The International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources as a major ally for the eradication of hunger

Rome Italy 02/10/2017
On October 2nd , after a summer break, the G77 and China had their September Plenary Meeting in the Red Room at FAO headquarters, chaired by the Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, H.E. Elías Eljuri Abraham. Among the [...]

G77 & China - Rome Chapter : the first Charter of Algiers for the 50th Anniversary of the G77 & China foundation

Rome Italy 30/08/2017
CHARTER OF ALGIERS ADOPTED BY THE FIRST MINISTERIAL MEETING OF THE GROUP OF 77, Algiers, Algeria, 10 – 25 October 1967, Part One: The representatives of developing countries, assembled in Algiers in October 1967 at the Ministerial Meeting of the Group of 77, [...]

FAO and G77 & China aligned to the Paris Agreement 2015

Rome Italy 30/06/2017
Mr. Rene Castro – FAO ADG - attended the plenary meeting of the G77 & China of 30 June 2017 and addressed a presentation on the lines of the Climate Change and of the FAO perspectives for a better scenario, [...]

Launching of the new façade of the G77 & China webpage - Rome Chapter 2017 .

Rome Italy 30/06/2017
The Group of 77 and China has renewed the façade of the webpage showing tools and design that are more attractive. The Chairperson of the G77 & China, H.E. Elias Eljuri Abraham – Rome Chapter 2017 – has greatly taken into [...]

A broad view of the G77 and China about the South - South and Triangular Cooperation

Rome Italy 07/06/2017
The Group of 77 and China - Rome Chapter, invited in its Plenary of June, Mrs. Marcela Villarreal, responsible for the implementation of FAO’s innovative strategies on partnerships with the private sector, civil society, academia and research institutions, meant to [...]

G77 and China recognizes the work of Mr. Joseph Nwirga - Independent Chairperson of the Council 2013-2017

Rome Italy 19/05/2017
The Fao Green Room was the venue for a recognition to the current Independent Council Chairman (ICC), Joseph Nwirga, on May 18 during the G77 and China plenary session.With a warm round of applauses, Mr. Nwirga received a certificate and [...]

G77 & China highlights the role of Livestock in the Agenda 2030

Rome Italy 18/05/2017
  The Fifth Plenary Meeting of the G77 and China of the year was held in the FAO's Red Room on May 18, with the participation of the members of the Group and among the events to be highlighted is the [...]

G77 & China Plenary Meeting of the 27 February 2017: The FAO DG, Mr. Graziano da Silva, called the attention on three priorities

Rome Italy 28/02/2017
The new Chairmanship invited Mr. Graziano da Silva, FAO Director General, who sketched out three main issues, which would request additional support and personal commitments as a contribution for the achievement of SDGs and for ending hunger and malnutrition: World [...]

World Program of the Census of Agriculture (WCA) 2020: new formula of data collection for a good impact on agriculture policies

Rome Italy 27/02/2017
The Agriculture Sector from production to consumption in the World programme of the Census of Agriculture 2020. World Census of Agriculture framework volumes (I and II) would be issued by FAO for the member countries to ensure that the census [...]
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