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The XXII Latin American Soil Congress in Montevideo

During the XXII Latin American Soil Congress (7-11 October 2019) held in Montevideo, Uruguay, the Global Soil Partnership dynamically participated in different activities.


A symposium on the Latin American Soil Laboratory Network (LATSOLAN) where progress of the network was presented and the scientific challenges identified. A number of laboratories from different countries requested the inclusion of them in this network and they also expressed the need to focus on capacity development.

A second symposium was organized on the Recarbonization of Global Soils where the potential to sequester SOC in the region was presented. The issues with uncertainty in soil laboratories was also discussed and a case study of Uruguay was shared among the many participants who demonstrated interest tin this topic.

The GSP Secretariat also participated in the VII Simposio Latinoamericano de Innovaciones Educativas en la Enseñanza de la Ciencia del Suelo, where a presentation on the importance of soils for children was made, including the distribution of gadgets.

During the congress, the main research priorities were discussed and FAO/GSP contributed to share the global perspective focusing on the need that soil science should be used for policy development and implementation.


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