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Глобальное почвенное партнерство

The Global Soil Partnership in action for WORLD SOIL DAY!

Eduardo Mansur, CBL director and the Global Soil Partnership (GSP) of the Food and Agriculture Organization challenges each of YOU, WORLDWIDE, to green your future by planting and covering the soils round your neighborhood

Join the photo challenge: Take a pledge for World Soil Day 2019, #StopSoilErosion, Save our future!


After a visit to the local market of Villa Fiorelli, the GSP team, chose a native apricot tree from a local farmer, who also gave precious advices on how to plant the tree.

Follow our five easy steps:

(1) We printed out the pledge cards.

(2) The GSP team left FAO premises with shovels, buckets and watering can, direction Citta’ dell’ Altra Economia, Testaccio, Rome where we planted the apricot tree.

PLANTING ADVISES: Get help from your seller! Dig a hole 2-3 wider and about as deep than the root ball. Make sure that it is large enough to accommodate the tree’s size and use a mixture of topsoil and the soil dug out, to backfill the hole. As the tree is still a sapling, use a stake to help it grow. Once planted, water it!

(3) We took a group photo plus a series of fun selfies while holding the pledge cards.

(4) and (5) The team started sharing them on social media using the hashtags of the competition: #StopSoilErosion and #WorldSoilDay.

Now it’s your turn! Follow the example and enter the contest by 30 November. “Greening the future” is easy and fun, but it is a big step to halt soil erosion. Small actions matter!