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More support to family farmers needed to meet world's rising food demands

FAO Director-General calls for information technologies tailored to developing world farmers at ministerial meeting
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Time to act on water scarcity

FAO Director-General calls for better water management and improved access for small farmers
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Overweight affects almost half the population of all countries in Latin America and the Caribbean except for Haiti

While hunger and malnutrition have fallen, overweight and obesity have greatly increased, especially among women and children.
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Exploring the use of wastewater in agriculture

Once seen as a problem to be disposed of, municipal liquid waste is now being eyed as an option for addressing water scarcity
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Belgium contributes €14 million to support response and resilience to disasters and crises

Renewed commitment for protecting agriculture-based livelihoods in emergencies

In Action

FAO helps establish early warning systems for food and nutrition security
FAO provides agricultural assistance packages to disaster-struck farmers in Serbia

Zero Hunger

Promoting nutrition through schools can create benefits that extend beyond the classroom

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