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Food for the cities programme

How we work

The City Region Food Systems approach offers a point of convergence for achieving the eradication of hunger and poverty, the sustainability of food systems and strengthened rural-urban linkages.

CRFS assessments are conducted in each city region to identify the gaps to be bridged and the bottlenecks to be opened for creating more sustainable and resilient food systems. Special attention is given to improving the vulnerable and poor urban population’s access to adequate food, and to improving market access for smallholder farmers in urban, peri-urban and rural areas. Further assessments on the evolution of food systems, existing food policies, and urban development are carried out to better adapt to local conditions.

Through a scenario building exercise, we provide support to local governments to elaborate, through multi-stakeholder dialogues, strategies and action plans to improve the city region food systems. A strong commitment from local authorities and the involvement of all key stakeholders is necessary to ensure the success of the city region food system approach.