Forest and Water Programme


Fouta Djallon Highlands Phase II

2015-2021 | Global Environment Facility

As Western Africa’s main source of water for agriculture and communities, the project’s development objective is to ensure the conservation and sustainable management of the Fouta Djallon Highlands’ natural resources with a particular focus on forest and water interactions and the development of resilient livelihoods. 

This will be achieved through regional cooperation for planning and implementation; the establishment of legal and institutional frameworks; the implementation of integrated natural resource and landscape management; capacity building of local communities; and the promotion of enterprise development and diversified income streams. Find more information here.

Life and Nature

Strengthening the adaptive capacity and resilience of rural communities using micro-watershed approaches to climate change and variability to attain sustainable food security in Cambodia

March 2015-2019 | Global Environment Facility

To improve the lives of thousands of farmers, this project addresses Cambodian efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change in rural communities. Participatory approaches include development of watershed management plans in all target landscapes, with assistance to replant vegetation and trees among streams, rivers, and forested areas, as well as building small scale water retention and irrigation structures. Find more information here.

Rio Rural Development Programme: integrated planning and financing

2010–2018 | World Bank

The Rio Rural Programme promotes sustainable development in rural areas of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with the objective of empowering family farmers, raising awareness about environmental issues and promoting their social and productive inclusion, so they can act as main partners in the sustainable management of natural resources and eco-friendly agriculture.

This watershed management project fosters changes in rural production processes within a framework of market-driven agricultural development, focusing on sustainable intensification of smallholder farmers, adding value and improving market linkages. Find more information here.

Other Action Plan projects

Other Action Plan projects include research projects in China, Kenya and Spain, reforestation projects in Ethiopia and India and bamboo livelihood projects in Ethiopia, India, Madagascar and Tanzania. Click to find out more about the projects of the Forest and Water Action Plan.