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GLOBEFISH - Analysis and information on world fish trade

Visiting experts

Jose Fernandez-Polanco is a PhD in economics and management working as a professor of Marketing at the University of Cantabria (Spain). In the last two decades he has focused his research interest on seafood consumption and marketing, actively participating in several national and international research projects for public and private institutions. As a result of this research activity he has published several official reports and articles and regularly presents his findings and results at the most relevant international conferences on aquaculture and fisheries economics. He has worked with several different species and markets from all over the world, whether wild or farmed.

As an expert in the field of seafood markets he has frequently contributed to high level international experts groups of the United Nations and the European Commission. He is also an active member of the World Aquaculture Society, taking responsibility of coordinating the scientific program at the Asian Pacific conference in 2011 (India) and the World Aquaculture in 2012 (Czech Republic) and 2014 (Australia).

Professor Fernandez-Polanco has been regularly contributing in FAO research activities in the field of fisheries trade and marketing. Some of these contributions include:

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