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European Price Report - January 2017

Year published: 2017

Monthly prices for about 600 fish products and an overview of the major trends on the European market, reported by an extensive correspondent network.

January 2017.


Traditionally, the first two months of the year are not a very active sales period, but demand has been surprisingly strong in the first days of 2017. This is an indication that traders expect shortages in the market over the coming months and substantially higher prices as a result. The upward trend in fuel prices will also lead to higher costs for capture fisheries, which will be passed on to the traders. The weak euro is another factor playing an important role in European fish trade at present, as other markets such as the USA, Japan and China are able to compete more easily with the European buyers, driving fish prices further upwards. Soaring prices have been reported for practically all major species, including those for shrimp, which had been depressed throughout most of 2016. 

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