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Best Practices on Preparedness and Resilience Wanted

Call for papers

As an activity of the gFSC Preparedness and Resilience Working Group (PRWG) 2017 work plan, the group would like to call for your support for the best practice guide on preparedness and resilience-building activities in humanitarian food security interventions. As a way to consolidate, learn and share the different successes achieved in different regions, PRWG will collect and summarise “good/best practices on preparedness and resilience-building approaches and activities” of its concerned partners.

In this regard, PRWG are requesting your support by availing data, your organisational reports or documents capturing your successful activities. Two pagers will have a wider reach than actual reports and will improve approaches and activities.

Please email submission by Friday, 10th August 2017, so that PRWG can start reviewing all the document in good time.

Please send your examples to [email protected] and/or [email protected]

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