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Resilience Scan: October-December 2016

A review of literature, debates and blogs on resilience

As the 'resilience revolution' in international development continues, researchers at The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) are capturing the new directions and reviewing the latest thinking in this field through the Rockefeller Foundation-supported Resilience Scan initiative. With a focus on developing countries, ODI researchers present quarterly analytical reviews of resilience literature, social media activity, and key resilience-related events, as well as collating the views of diverse resilience experts. Complementing this wide-ranging scan, are a number ‘deep-dive’ analytical papers on key emerging resilience-related topics.

This Resilience Scan quarterly report summarises writing and debates in the field of resilience during the fourth quarter of 2016. It comprises an 'expert view' on an aspect of resilience in practice, analysis of blogs from the past six months, and summaries of high-impact grey literature and academic journal articles. The final chapter synthesises the insights from literature in terms of five characteristics of resilience: awareness, diversity, self-regulation, integration and adaptiveness. 

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