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Sustaining peace
An event hosted by Global Resilience Partnership, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs & Stockholm Resilience Centre. Thursday 6 May15:30 -17:00 CESTRegister here Resilience approaches that aim to strengthen the capacity of communities and systems to navigate crises are increasingly being advocated as [...]
An event presented by the Global Resilience Partnership  Monday 26 April15:00 - 16:00 CESTRegister here This webinar will expose different perspectives on how resilience is being applied - in research and practice - to confront and understand security and conflict risks in the Anthropocene. The speakers [...]
The webinar "Community Engagement for Resilience and Peace" is part of the series of five webinars called “Community Engagement Days.” The objective of the series is to review achievements, potential and challenges of community engagement for empowerment approaches in rural development and [...]
With the aim of localising the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Expo 2020 Dubai’s Global Best Practice Programme, ‘Small Steps, Big Leaps’, will spotlight simple but effective initiatives that can be adapted, replicated or scaled for enhanced global impact. The international [...]
Conflict undermines resilience and can force individuals and households to engage in increasingly destructive and irreversible coping strategies that threaten their future livelihoods, food security and nutrition. Thus, enhancing FAO's programming in fragile and conflict-affected contexts is crucial to support [...]
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