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Initiatives for the monitoring and analysis of agricultural public expenditure in Africa
Based on extensive research by MAFAP, the report provides a detailed and analytical review of initiatives dedicated to monitoring and analyzing Public Expenditure in support of Agriculture in Africa (PEA).
Building a unique system for monitoring national food and agriculture policies
Meeting the needs of policy makers and donors who seek solid evidence about the effects of food and agricultural policies
Assessing the impact of national policies and how they compare with similar policies in other countries

The Monitoring and Analysing Food and Agricultural Policies (MAFAP) programme seeks to establish country owned and sustainable systems to monitor, analyse, and reform food and agricultural policies to enable more effective, efficient and inclusive policy frameworks in a growing number of developing and emerging economies.

Partner countries

The Policy, Markets and Prices team

The Policy, Markets and Prices team is the result of the collaboration between MAFAP, the Food and Agriculture Policy Decision Analysis (FAPDA) programme and the ULYSSES project.

By joining forces, the team aims at delivering robust and reliable policy analysis to partner countries. This allows national governments to design more coherent and effective agricultural and food security policies based on inclusive policy dialogue, contributing to better food systems and food security at all levels.