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Status of the World's Soil Resources


The Monitoring and Analysing Food and Agricultural Policies (MAFAP) programme seeks to establish country owned and sustainable systems to monitor, analyse, and reform food and agricultural policies to enable more effective, efficient and inclusive policy frameworks in a growing number of developing and emerging economies.

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Where we work

The Agriculture, Agri-business and Rural Transformation Team

The Agriculture, Agri-business and Rural Transformation Team (AART) of the Agricultural Development Economics (ESA) Division focuses on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and recognizes this will require major transformations of agriculture and food systems in order to reduce poverty, achieve food security and improve nutrition. Increased productivity of agriculture, improved market access to farmers, especially smallholders, and more efficient, inclusive and sustainable value chains will need to be key outcomes of such a transformative process. Conversely, the emergence of a dynamic and pro-business agricultural and rural sector supported by more market oriented and competitive value chains will require effective and non- distortive trade, market and price policies, as well as more efficient public expenditure allocations in support of long term agricultural and rural transformation. The AART team delivers products and services related to all these dimensions in the context of FAO’s strategic framework implementation.