The Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP)


15 November 2015
This flyer provides an overview of the Tropical Agriculture Platform and highlights its main goals and activities.
16 January 2020
This flyer illustrates the Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP),  its work and publications.
14 May 2019
This flyer provides an overview of the TAP Common Framework on Capacity Development for Agriculture Innovation System.
28 September 2018
The second  TAP Action plan covers the period 2018-2021 and its goal is to strengthen agricultural innovation capacities at country level. It has a strong focus on improving TAP governance, expanding the political mandate of...
09 June 2016
The Conceptual Background provides an in-depth analysis of the conceptual underpinnings and principles of the TAP Common Framework. It is also available in French and Spanish. The objective of the TAP Common Framework is to promote...
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