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Voices of the Hungry

Using the FIES

Resources for applying the FIES survey module and analyzing the data

The materials included here have been developed by FAO to facilitate the use of the FIES.  

FIES Basics

This document covers the key concepts of the FIES methodology and can be used to gain a basic understanding for those who will not pursue the full e-learning course. It can be helpful for interpreting the FIES-based prevalence rates.  

Implementing the FIES in surveys

This document provides important guidelines on how to include the FIES module within surveys.

FIES survey modules 

Individual and household-referenced versions of the survey module are provided in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

pdf  FIES survey module
pdf  Modules d’enquête
pdf  Módulos de la encuesta
pdf  FIES استمارة المسح


The FIES-SM (individual version) used in the GWP has been translated into more than 170 languages and dialects. Search by country, language or dialect. 

FIES survey module translations.zip

Translation guidance 

All questions in the FIES-SM are worded to be as concise and universally relevant as possible, while faithfully capturing the concepts underlying the food insecurity scale.

Lessons learned from linguistic adaptations of the FIES-SM and feedback from the field have been incorporated into an explanatory document to guide translation efforts and enumerator training:

English  |  French  |  Spanish  |  Russian  |  Arabic  |  Portuguese  |  Chinese  |  Albanian

FIES e-learning course

This self-paced online course leads learners through five lessons covering 

  •  The decision to adopt the FIES for food security monitoring
  •  The inclusion of the FIES-SM within a survey
  •  The statistical validation of FIES data
  •  The calculation of estimates of food insecurity prevalence
  •  The effective communication of FIES results

Learn what the FIES e-learning course offers

RM.weights: Software for FIES data analysis

As the official statistical software of the FAO Voices of the Hungry (VoH) project, R is used for the implementation of methods to estimate food insecurity prevalence. This zip folder contains the R software package and explanatory documents to carry out statistical validation of the data and to calculate the prevalence of food insecurity.

Report template

This report template is intended to guide users of the FIES in writing a comprehensive report covering the application of the FIES and interpretation of results.

FIES Excel template

This Excel template is provided to facilitate the equating process to produce comparable estimates of the prevalence of food insecurity. Detailed instructions are provided in Lesson 4 of the FIES e-learning course.