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FAO in Indonesia

FAO in Indonesia

Indonesia became a member of FAO in 1948 and the Representation was established in 1978. Collaboration between FAO and Indonesia across the food and agricultural sectors, including in fisheries and forestry has strengthened over the decades.

As of today, over 650 projects and programs have been implemented by FAO throughout Indonesia with the assistance of more than 1600 experts and consultants (both national and international).

The FAO Representation in Indonesia has a range of tasks including:

  • Developing, promoting and overseeing strategies for addressing food security, agriculture and rural development objectives;
  • Developing and implementing FAO's field programmes by identifying and formulating new programmes and projects and by liaising with local stakeholders, including donor representations;
  • Helping governments to prevent disasters, assess damage, and assist them in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the agricultural sector;
  • Carrying out public awareness activities and supporting important FAO activities; 
  • Providing assistance to technical and investment missions from FAO headquarters and from Regional or Sub regional Offices to the country;
  • Serving as the channel of FAO's services to governments and other partners (donors, NGOs, Civil Society Organizations, research institutions, etc.);
  • Keeping FAO informed of major social and economic developments in the country and monitoring the situation of the agriculture sector in the country;
  • Representing FAO before host governments and all partners involved in FAO activities.