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International Mountain Day

Recipe and Photo Contest

Send us your mountain recipes!

Did you know that 6 of the 20 most important food crops originate in mountains, such as potatoes, maize, barley, apples and tomatoes? It’s difficult to imagine a nutritious diet without at least one of these foods.

Throughout the centuries, mountain communities have created highly diversified economic systems to protect their livelihoods from the uncertainties of their harsh and unpredictable environments. Mountain agriculture is, therefore, often highly biodiverse, based on family farming, small-scale and with a low carbon footprint.

This has allowed for the preservation of traditional knowledge and practices, resulting in many mountain products of particular high quality, such as coffee, tea, honey, herbs, spices and grains.

By capturing photos of delicious dishes and writing down recipes made with mountain products, you can help preserve cultural traditions, promote agrobiodiversity and support farmers in mountains!

The prize for the outright winner will be an action camera and a copy of a FAO produced booklet on Mountain Recipes containing the name and photograph of the winner.

If you don’t win the contest, you will still have the opportunity of being selected as one of the 30 best entries for the Mountain Recipes booklet.

How do I enter?

To enter the contest, just follow these three steps:

1. Submit a recipe containing mountain products from anywhere in the world, a good quality photograph of the dish and a brief explanation about the nutritional or cultural importance of the recipe.

2. Fill out the online entry form below and attach the photo (minimum width 1754 pixels at 150 ppi, maximum file size 5 MB) and a description of the recipe.

3. Finally, don’t forget to post your photo if you have a Twitter, Facebook, Flickr or Instagram account, using the International Mountain Day hashtag: #MountainsMatter. We'll share some of your photos to @FAOForestry Twitter, @UNmountainsmatter on Twitter and Instagram, and @MountainPartnership on Facebook.

Deadline for entries is 14 November 2019 (12pm CET).

A jury will choose the six best mountain recipes, and the six finalists will be posted on FAO’s Facebook page for the public to decide the winner in time for International Mountain Day on 11 December.

What if I’m under 18?

You have to be 18 or older to enter the contest, but that doesn’t stop you from joining the movement on social media! Take a photo of mountain food and post it on your Twitter, Instagram or Flickr account with the hashtag #MountainsMatter. We’ll share some of your photos on our social media.

Please note that we might edit the submitted text before for the printed publication.