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FAO in Iraq

Programmes in Iraq

Appreciating the needs of Iraq, the subregion and the region, and in line with FAO's objectives and its comparatives advantages, the Country Programming Framework (CPF, 2013 - 2017) is organized around the following three major priority areas.

Priority Area A. Agriculture sector, food security, policy development

FAO support to agricultural sector and food security policy development would be carried out mostly through the existing small MOA FAO Policy and Strategy Support Unit (PSSU). The unit would be fully stablished formally and strengthened in order to assist MOA in agricultural policy planning strategic support for the preparation of specific sector, projects and programmatic priorities for implementation at the central or governorate level.

Priority Area B. Building up the investment projects’ portfolio for agricultural development

FAO support in building up the investment portafolio would involve capacity building and guidance in project preparation, implementation, monitoring and supervision of large scale development projects.

Priority Area C. Technical assistance, normative work and guidance on sub-sector & cross-cutting themes & issues

FAO following its mandate and comparative advantages, would provide substantive advice and capacity building on specific technical fields and normative matters. FAO would also share its relevant experience and comparative advantage built on best practices at the global level on subsector work, as well cross cutting themes and issues which have a relevant impact on the agricultural sector and on development projects formulation.