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What is AquaCrop?

AquaCrop is a crop-water productivity model developed by FAO’s Land and Water Division to address food security and assess the effect of the environment and management on crop production. AquaCrop simulates the yield response of herbaceous crops to water and is particularly well suited to conditions in which water is a key limiting factor in crop production. AquaCrop balances accuracy, simplicity and robustness. To ensure its wide applicability, it uses only a small number of explicit parameters and mostly intuitive input variables that can be determined using simple methods. Read more 

AquaCrop version 6.0 is now available!

AquaCrop standard window programme - version 6.0

AquaCrop Version 6.0 is the standalone crop water productivity software model developed by the Land & Water Division of FAO.

AquaCrop plug-in programme - version 6.0

By running it, a list of projects, pre-defined in the standard window version of AquaCrop, are carried out and results are stored in output files. It can be used in applications where iterative runs are required, such as GIS environment.


It has been designed to facilitate the use of the AquaCrop model when a high number of simulations is needed, simplifying the task of generating input and projects files and the management of output files.