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FAO launches new space on FAO.org to showcase Member Countries

As Phase II of its corporate website revamp begins, FAO lays path to boost cooperation with Members


Over the last twenty years, the FAO corporate website has expanded to meet diverse Organizational needs and promote the work of divisions and country offices across FAO. When Director General QU Dongyu took office in August 2019, a key policy was the further modernisation of fao.org, transforming it into a more innovative, dynamic and interactive corporate web presence. The first phase of the work was completed in December 2019, and Phase II will make additional changes to the corporate website over the next few weeks.

FAO’s work would be impossible without the important contributions of our Member Countries, and for that reason Phase II of the fao.org revamp will include a new area to highlight our Member Countries. This ‘Country showcase’ section is a space for Members to interact amongst themselves and, at the same time,help them make the most of what FAO can offer them. It will be co-owned by Members and feature official country information on food and agriculture, such as remarkable agriculture and food systems, agroecology, innovation and a section dedicated to national food and agricultural specialties. The Country showcase will also feature selected food and agriculture data/statistics and links to relevant national institutional websites, such as their Ministry of Agriculture and research centres. A first set of pilot Country showcases has been released in the Countries section of FAO.org.

This new space is a chance to cooperate further and more directly with our Members, as well as highlight their successes and show our appreciation for their support. We thank the Countries who have been involved with the pilot of this initiative and look forward to involving more Member Countries as Phase II launches. We encourage Member Countries to get in touch via email ([email protected]) if they would like to know more about this initiative and wish to be involved.

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