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Topics • FAO crop-model to simulate yield response to water

AquaCrop standard window program (version 4.0)

The standard window AquaCrop 4.0 program does not contain new features, but only updates of the following calculation procedures:

  • Effect of limited soil fertility on the length of the growing cycle;
  • Effect of elevated atmospheric CO2 concentration on crop water productivity (WP);
  • Simulation of soil evaporation when rainfall is specified as 10-day and monthly totals;
  • Assessment of net irrigation requirement when the top soil is very dry at the moment of crop germination.
freccia Download Aquacrop Version 4.0 - 64 bit version
freccia Download Installation Guidelines for Aquacrop Version 4.0
- 64 bit version

freccia Download Aquacrop Version 4.0 - 32 Bit version
freccia List of updates to Aquacrop in Version 4.0 (PDF)
freccia Aquacrop 4.0 Installation Procedure (PDF)

New AquaCrop plug-in program (version 4.0)

 The calculation procedures in the AquaCrop plug-in program are identical to the AquaCrop standard window program but the program has no user interface. By running the plug-in program a list of projects, pre-defined in the standard window version of AquaCrop, are carried out and results are stored in output files. The plug-in program can be used in applications where iterative runs are required (e.g. GIS environment).

freccia Download Aquacrop plug-in program Version 4.0 - 32 Bit Version
freccia Download full description of AquaCrop plug-in
freccia Download description of AquaCrop input files (PDF)

AquaCrop is the FAO crop-model to simulate yield response to water of several herbaceous crops. It is designed to balance simplicity, accuracy and robustness, and is particularly suited to address conditions where water is a key limiting factor in crop production. AquaCrop is a companion tool for a wide range of users and applications including yield prediction under climate change scenarios.
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