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Topics • FAO crop-model to simulate yield response to water

AquaCrop standard window program (version 5.0)

The new main features included in the AquaCrop version 5 are:

  • Update of results (Canopy cover, Biomass and soil water profile) when running a simulation by considering observations or other estimates.
  • Incorporation of ETo calculator in AquaCrop.
  • New initial conditions at the start of simulation period.
  • Field surface practices.
  • Generation of irrigation events for flooded rice.
  • Evaluation of simulation results using statistical indicators.

A complete list and explanation of the new features and updates of AquaCrop version 5 are available below.

freccia Download Aquacrop Version 5.0
freccia Download Installation Guidelines for Aquacrop Version 5.0
freccia List of updates to Aquacrop in Version 5.0 (PDF)

New AquaCrop plug-in program (version 5.0)

 The calculation procedures in the AquaCrop plug-in program are identical to the AquaCrop standard window program but the program has no user interface. By running the plug-in program a list of projects, pre-defined in the standard window version of AquaCrop, are carried out and results are stored in output files. The plug-in program can be used in applications where iterative runs are required (e.g. GIS environment).

freccia Download Aquacrop plug-in program Version 5.0
freccia Download Installation Guidelines for Aquacrop Plug-in Version 5.0
freccia Download full description of AquaCrop plug-in
freccia Download description of AquaCrop input files (PDF)


 AquaCrop-GIS has been designed to facilitate the use of the AquaCrop model when a high number of simulations is needed, simplifying the task of generating input and projects files and the management of output files. The AquaCrop-GIS tool prepares the required inputs, executes AquaCrop, elaborates the results and shows them in a Geographic Information System. The user of AquaCrop-GIS should be familiar with the use of the AquaCrop model. Aquacrop-GIS will only work with the 32 Bit Version of the Aquacrop 4.0 plug-in, which can also be downloaded below.

freccia Download Aquacrop-GIS
freccia Download reference manual for Aquacrop-GIS
freccia Download Aquacrop plug-in program Version 4.0 - 32 Bit Version

AquaCrop is the FAO crop-model to simulate yield response to water of several herbaceous crops. It is designed to balance simplicity, accuracy and robustness, and is particularly suited to address conditions where water is a key limiting factor in crop production. AquaCrop is a companion tool for a wide range of users and applications including yield prediction under climate change scenarios.
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