Irrigation by country

The Global Map of Irrigation Areas includes sub-national irrigation statistics for most countries. The target year for the statistics is the year 2005. The spatial resolution of the map is 5 minutes. The information listed per country is a compilation from the information per country as published earlier in different documents. A description on how the map is generated is provided in the methodology section. The section with the assessment of the quality of the map includes indicators per region and per country.

For a summary of the documentation by country please use the dropdown menus below. The countries have been listed alphabetically for the world. Sub-national data can be downloaded as a PDF or an Excel file. These files also contain information on the source of water for irrigation: surface water, groundwater and non-conventional water.

Data for all countries in one file is accessible through the report on Update of the Global Map of Irrigation Areas to version 5 and in this Excel file, which has two sheets: one for national-level data and one for sub-national level data. They contain data by source of water on: (i) Area equipped for irrigation; (ii) Area actually irrigated; (iii) Consumptive water use. The methodology used to map area actually irrigated and areas irrigated with groundwater, surface water or water from other sources is also described in the article Groundwater use for irrigation - a global inventory.

The map is constantly under development and will be updated as soon as new information will become available. You can help to improve the map by sending your comments to the Developing Team. We are especially interested in obtaining national maps of irrigated areas and in irrigation statistics per sub-national units.

The documentation of earlier versions of the map can be found in the history section.