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التعاون الجاري

يعرض هذا القسم بعض الأمثلة على التعاون الجاري بين الفاو والبرلمانيين، وهما يعملان معا من أجل الوفاء بالتزاماتنا المتبادلة بشأن الأمن الغذائي والتغذوي، بما في ذلك الحق في الحصول على غذاء كاف. 

FAO and Parliamentarians are working together towards meeting our mutual commitments on food and nutrition security, including the right to adequate food. Some examples of ongoing collaboration are:

  • Parliamentary Front Against Hunger in Latin America and the Caribbean (PFH LAC)
    Established in 2009, the Parliamentary Front against Hunger in Latin America and the Caribbean (PFH LAC) is a multi-partisan platform that brings together legislators from Parliaments in the LAC region, principally aimed at strengthening the legislative and institutional frameworks in the Parliaments of the region to facilitate the effective realization of the right to adequate food. Since the establishment of the PFH LAC, 4 framework laws have been produced as guides to countries and more than 20 laws relating to food and nutrition security have been enacted nationally. These measures have contributed, in part, to the LAC region leading the world in poverty reduction.
  • Members of the European Parliament
    Engagement between FAO and Members of the European Parliament has resulted in the decision of several MEPs to establish an alliance to discuss issues related to the fight against hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition. Their first meeting was held on April 26th, 2016. 
  • The Pan African Parliament
    Parliamentarians from the 250-member Pan African Parliament (PAP) has decided to establish the Pan African Alliance for Food and Nutrition Security by the end of 2016.  At the request of the PAP, FAO will facilitate this process, including through South-South cooperation with Parliamentarians from the PFH LAC sharing their experiences with their African counterparts.; FAO will also work with the PAP at the sub-regional and national levels.