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FAO facilitated knowledge-sharing workshop on pastoral land tenure reveals similar challenges across eastern and southern Africa
Pastoralism is the dominant livelihood in the arid and semi-arid lands of eastern and southern Africa, contributing significantly not only to national GDPs, but also to food security and environmental restoration in the region. Yet, pastoralists face several challenges, especially...
New FAO project supports community-driven data collection to advocate pro-pastoralist policies
Basic information is lacking about pastoralist systems across the world. Data on pastoral household composition or livelihood practices are missing or not readily available. This is especially true for nomadic and transhumant pastoralists, who are hardly accounted for by official...
Belgium and FAO join efforts to safeguard the livelihoods of crisis-hit agricultural communities in Cameroon and Chad
19 October 2017, Dakar – In the Lake Chad Basin, the security crisis exacerbates the challenges faced by vulnerable farmers and herders, already affected by climate hazards over the past decade...
Highlights from an all-women panel discussion at CSF44
Women play a crucial role within pastoralist societies not just as livestock producers, income generators, and caregivers but also as key organizers and keepers of local knowledge. They are integral to maintaining pastoralist community life and identity. Yet, they remain...

Rangeland restoration and sustainable pastoralism go hand in hand. This was the main conclusion of a session titled: “Guardians of Rangelands: combatting desertification in the rangeland through sustainable pastoralism,” jointly organized by FAO’s Pastoralist Knowledge Hub and the International Union...
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