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Climate-Smart Agriculture. Case Studies 2018. Successful Approaches from Different Regions

This publication is a compilation of the success stories covering different regions’ landscapes where on-the-ground climate-smart agriculture (CSA) work has been implemented in recent years. Climate change affects all agricultural sectors, from mussel production along Chile’s coastline to floating gardens in Bangladesh. There are many agricultural practices that can achieve the three objectives of CSA, ranging from climate-smart agroforestry systems implemented in the Dry Corridor of Central America to Sloping Agricultural Land Technology (SALT) in coconut-farming communities in the Philippines. Whether climate change is experienced slowly over the course of many years, on a seasonal basis or as an extreme weather event such as a typhoon, communities need to take climate-smart action to help adapt their sectors to these climate change impacts and promote resilience for their future. These successful projects and initiatives enable communities to be better prepared to safeguard their livelihoods and boost household incomes, and identify synergies between adaptation and mitigation.

Asia & Pacific, Africa, Latin America & Caribbean, Europe & Central Asia, Near East & North Africa