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FAO’s policy and governance support resources — from briefs and guidelines to datasets and e-learning tools — are freely available to the public. FAO resources aim to inform, support and enhance policy decisions and formulation, implementation and monitoring at all levels. Use the free text or filters to search. Contact the portal team for any queries.

Latest tools and publications



Technical guidance to improve nutrition through cash-based interventions

This guidance note is designed to assist professionals involve in implementing cash-based interventions (CBIs) that maximize nutrition outcomes, either in humanitarian contexts or embedded within social-protection policies. It can be used by professionals involved in designing and implementing CBIs or related activities to help them integrate nutrition outcomes in their work, and also by those involved in developing nutritional policies and strategies. It presents a brief background to the topic of CBIs, the theoretical framework that supports the linkages between CBIs and nutrition outcomes, a summary of the evidence on the topic, and a practical, step-by-step approach to integrating nutrition [...]



The Kenya One Health legal framework. A livestock value chain perspective on emerging zoonotic diseases and antimicrobial resistance

The anticipated transformation of the Kenyan livestock sector in the coming decades will result in increased public health risks. In order to well address these challenges, national and sub-national governments should adopt a One Health approach, which allows the mitigation of the negative effects of public health threats that originate at the interface between humans, animals and the different environments in which they operate. This paper provides an assessment on the extent to which the prevailing legislative framework facilitates the implementation of the One Health approach in Kenya, and opportunities for legislative reforms. We use a skeleton livestock value chain [...]



Scientific information and digital data on food and agriculture

This brochure presents a series of knowledge platforms which make data and information on food and agriculture available, accessible and usable worldwide. This work contributes to the five priorities of FAO to achieve a world without hanger, malnutrition and poverty in a sustainable manner, with a focus on the exchange of knowledge, information and data as a key step towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Issue paper


One health policy stakeholders in Uganda. A snapshot

This document provides a snapshot of One Health Policy stakeholders in Uganda that can engage in effective One Health policies in the country. It focuses on those actors expected to play a key role in shaping policies and strategies from a One Health perspective, including from a livestock, environmental and public health perspective. The document describes the developed methodology and main findings and conclusions.