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Dec 2014 - Durante sus 15 años de trabajo los Programas Especiales para la Seguridad Alimentaria (PESA) en Centroamérica han pasado por varios procesos de identificación, desarrollo e institucionalización de buenas prácticas para la Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutricional (BP SAN). El número de las mismas ha sido elevado y su naturaleza muy variada y ...更多
Dec 2014 - Los procesos de extensión rural y de atención a la agricultura familiar son capaces de contribuir de forma directa en la adopción y masificación de buenas prácticas agrícolas. Esto conlleva que la productividad de granos básicos se incrementa de una forma significativa y sostenible en el tiempo en zonas de ...更多
Nov 2014 - 预计第二届国际营养大会将批准一份政治成果文件 —《营养问题罗马宣言》以及一份用于指导宣言实施的配套技术文件 —《行动框架》。各国在该《宣言》中承诺在全球范围内消除饥饿和预防各种形式的营养不良,特别是儿童营养不足、妇女和儿童贫血等微量营养素缺乏症,以及扭转肥胖人数上升的趋势。为实现这一目标,将增加对粮食系统的投资,以改善人们的饮食和营养。该《框架》建议创造一个有利于开展有效行动和加强可持续粮食系统的环境,具体措施包括投资于扶贫农业和小规模农业,以改善饮食并提高营养水平;提供营养教育和信息;社会保障;加强用于应对特殊情况的保健系统;改进用水和卫生;以及改善食品安全。
Oct 2014 - 在过去二十年里,儿童和孕产妇营养不良现象减少了近一半 儿童营养不足依然是全球最严重的与营养相关的健康问题 1.61亿儿童因长期营养不良而发育迟缓 9900万儿童体重不足 45%的儿童死亡率由儿童和孕产妇营养不良造成 缺铁性贫血会增加妊娠并发症、儿童智力发育障碍和母婴死亡的风险 发展中国家有50%的孕妇患有缺铁性贫血
Oct 2014 - A unique, Africa-led fund to improve agriculture and food security across the continent has become a reality. Officially launched in June 2013 with funding totalling over US $ 40 million from Equatorial Guinea, Angola and group of civil society organizations in the Republic of Congo.
Oct 2014 - 食物不足或长期饥饿系指人无法摄取足够的食物以满足膳食能量需要。
Oct 2014 - Somalia is a complex political, security, and development environment, and much of its recent past has been marked by poverty, famine, and recurring violence. The country has existed in a state of armed conflict of one form or another since 1991.
Oct 2014 - Somalia is one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world, with over 43 percent of people living on less than USD 1 per day. Over the past two decades, conflict and political instability have caused massive displacement – 1.1 million displaced internally and 1 million living as ...更多
Sep 2014 - Food Security and Agriculture face major challenges under climate change, in terms of expected negative impacts on productivity as well as implementation of sectoral actions to limit global warming. Agriculture's greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise – although not as fast as emissions from other human activities. Better regional and national data on ...更多
Aug 2014 - Today, wheat is grown on more land area than any other commercial crop and continues to be the most important food grain source for humans. FAOSTAT provides free access to food and agriculture data for 245 countries and 35 regions from 1961.
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