BANGKOK, THAILAND -- In collaborate with FAO, the Department of Agricultural Extension of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives has carried out a project titled Enhancement of Farm Youth Network for Agricultural Careers. The objectives of the project are: to increase the productivity and work opportunities in the agricultural sector by instigating training, develop exchange programmes and hold a workshop; and to introduce farm youth to a wide range of agriculturally related activities, network and essent6ial knowledge to prepare them for self-development.

A workshop was held during June 2001 to: (1) provide knowledge on family planning, HIV/AIDS and drug abuse; (2) inform participants about the project; and (3) provide a forum so participants could exchange ideas and experiences related to agricultural careers. Another major activity of the project was the Lao-Thai Farm Youth Training Course that included an exchange of six Lao youth who came to Thailand to learn good farming practices while also becoming familiar with the issues of HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, family planning and the environment. The last part of the project was the Korean-Thai International Farm Youth Exchange Programme. This was a two-way exchange where farm youth from Korea came to Thailand and in turn rural youth from Thailand went to visit farm families in Korea. The report of the project will soon be available in English through this web site.