WINDHOEK, NAMIBIA-- Work is continuing with the FAO Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP) project - Training Youth for Sustainable Livelihoods in Rural Namibia. The Namibian Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Employment Creation (MHETEC), through their Youth Development Directorate, has established six regional Multi-Purpose Youth Centres. Seven more will soon be built to provide youth facilities in each of the 13 regions of the country. Three of these centres will specifically target rural young people with programmes in agriculture. FAO has been requested by the Government to help establish an outreach component for their new Integrated Rural Youth Development Programme that eventually will become part of each of the 13 regional centres. The initial phase of the development of the Programme through the TCP is taking place in Oshana Region in the northern part of the country at the MHETEC Multi-Purpose Youth Centre at Oshakati.

The project is working to develop a community-based programme which will provide training, education and income-generating opportunities to out-of-school youth from the ages of 15 to 30. By taking education and training to even the remotest villages, large numbers of rural youth will be able to make an economically rewarding and satisfying life for themselves and their families in rural Namibia.