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Evénements en cours et à venir

Soils to feed and fuel the world
12-08-2017 - 17-08-2017
Rio, Brazil
The conference will cover all fields of current selenium research, with a special focus on biology, medicine, biomedicine and the [...]
13-08-2017 - 17-08-2017
Stockholm, Sweden
II Encuentro Nacional de Suelos y Aguas
En las fechas 23, 24 y 25 de agosto 2017, la Alianza Mundial por el Suelo (AMS) capitulo Nicaragua, desarrollara [...]
23-08-2017 - 25-08-2017
North Nicaragua, Esteli
27-31 AUGUST 2017, WAGENINGEN, THE NETHERLANDS Humankind is currently facing unprecedented challenges regarding food security, water resources, climate change and biodiversity. The participants of [...]
27-08-2017 - 31-08-2017
Wageningen, The Netherlands
Integrating mitigating and adaptation strategies to enghance food security in teh African Continent.  
16-10-2017 - 18-10-2017
Nairobi, Kenya
World Soil Day 2017 will be celebrated on the 5th December 204 at FAO headquarters, FAO regional offices and through [...]
05-12-2017 - 05-12-2017
Soils to feed and fuel the world
12-08-2018 - 17-08-2018
Rio de Janiero