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Upcoming and present events

An interdisciplinary exhibition featuring natural history specimens, artist books and poems selected from an international call for entries.
06-08-2015 - 04-12-2015
University of Puget Sound Collins Memorial Library
International art exhibition to promote the FAO Int. Year of Soils. 50 artists from 5 nations present their works about [...]
27-08-2015 - 17-10-2015
RE-ART Hall near Hamburg
The climax of the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World's three year Soil Culture programme is an exhibition [...]
19-09-2015 - 21-10-2015
Falmouth Art Gallery, the Moor, TR11 2RT
The National Museum of Natural Sciences (CSIC), as a research and museology center, is preparing a temporary exhibition : 'Soil [...]
01-10-2015 - 30-03-2016
ISRR Symposiums bring together leading scientists and industry experts to discuss root function in both agricultural and natural ecosystems. Roots [...]
06-10-2015 - 09-10-2015
“The soil is the great connector of lives, the source and destination of all. It is the healer and restorer [...]
07-10-2015 - 24-11-2015
LAB-14, 700 Swanston Street, Carlton, Melbourne
À l’occasion de l’Année internationale des sols, et dans le cadre de la Fête de la science, l’INRA Bordeaux-Aquitaine vous [...]
08-10-2015 - 10-10-2015
Inra Bordeaux-Aquitaine - 71, avenue Édouard Bourlaux 33140 Villenave d'Ornon
A l’occasion de l’année internationale des sols et dans le cadre de la Fête de la Science, l’Inra de Rennes [...]
09-10-2015 - 11-10-2015
Village des sciences sur le campus de Beaulieu à l’Université Rennes 1 - Le Diapason - Allée Jules Noël - Rennes
Para conmemorar este año y con el objetivo de informar y concientizar a estudiantes, profesionales y población en general sobre [...]
12-10-2015 - 17-10-2015
The twelfth session of the Conference of the Parties to the UNCCD (COP12) will be held in Ankara from 12-23 [...]
12-10-2015 - 23-10-2015
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