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Upcoming and present events

The fifth Plenary Assembly (PA) of the Global Soil Partnership will take place from 20 to 22 June 2017 at [...]
20-01-2017 - 22-06-2017
FAO hq | Rome, Italy
A joint Conference of the International Soil Conservation Organization (19th ISCO Conference), the World Association for Soil and Water Conservation [...]
12-06-2017 - 16-06-2017
Second Global Workshop on Digital Soil Morphometrics
20-06-2017 - 23-06-2017
Aberdeen, Scotland UK
Pedometrics 2017 will be a joint meeting of the Pedometrics Commission and five of its associated Working Groups:   Digital Soil Mapping Digital [...]
26-06-2017 - 02-07-2017
Wageningen, Netherlands
GeoMEast 2017 will provide a showcase for recent developments and advancements in design, construction, and safety Inspections of transportation Infrastructures [...]
15-07-2017 - 19-07-2017
Sharm el=sheik, Egypt
Land use opportunities across climatic zones on the edge of human influence APOLLO e.V. aims to answer global challenges in education with [...]
17-07-2017 - 04-08-2017
Siberia, Russia
The American Confederation of Farmers Organizations for a Sustainable Agriculture (CAAPAS) will be hosting the 7th World Congress on Conservation [...]
01-08-2017 - 04-08-2017
Salón Metropolitano, Rosario, Santa-Fe, Argentina
Soils to feed and fuel the world
12-08-2017 - 17-08-2017
Rio, Brazil
The conference will cover all fields of current selenium research, with a special focus on biology, medicine, biomedicine and the [...]
13-08-2017 - 17-08-2017
Stockholm, Sweden
27-31 AUGUST 2017, WAGENINGEN, THE NETHERLANDS Humankind is currently facing unprecedented challenges regarding food security, water resources, climate change and biodiversity. The participants of [...]
27-08-2017 - 31-08-2017
Wageningen, The Netherlands
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