SoiLEX - Soil related legal instruments and soil governance

SoiLEX is a global database that aims to facilitate access to information on existing legal instruments on soil protection and prevention of soil degradation. The platform was created in coordination with FAOLEX, which is to date one of the largest databases of legal frameworks and instruments related to natural resource management, food and agriculture.

The legal and policy instruments can be searched by country profiles or by soil-related keywords. The information provided by the database allows users to have the complete document as well as a detailed summary of its content, focusing mainly on the purpose and specific objectives of the instrument.

The platform is managed by the Global Soil Partnership within the FAO Land and Water Division. If you are interested in learning more about SoiLEX and would like to contribute to its development and maintenance, please send us an e-mail or respond to the SoiLEX questionnaire for your country here.


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