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The land reform supporting project ‘’promoting the provision of legitimate land tenure rights using Voluntary...
Khartoum - A delegation from the Norwegian Development Agency (NORAD) and the embassy in Sudan...
Khartoum – On the sideline of the 30th session of  FAO Regional Conference for Africa...
Khartoum - The Director-General (DG) of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO),...

Sudan Country Programming Framework (CPF) (2012-2016) is co-owned by FAO and the Government of Sudan. It presents the broad commitment of FAO, subject to the availability of the required funding, to assist the Federal and State Governments in their efforts to achieving their own national and state development objectives. The Sudan Plan of Action (PoA) (2015-2019) prioritizes and promotes interrelated and mutually supporting and sustainable interventions at all levels in support of the relief, recovery and development of the small-scale agriculture sector and to address and overcome the underlying causes of vulnerability in Sudan.

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25 July - West Darfur. Rehabiliatation of shallow wells and formation of water users' community groups.

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