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Tool Details

Forests Sourcebook. Practical guidance for sustaining forests in development cooperation

Year of publication 2008
The Forests Sourcebook is divided into two parts. The first contains an introduction to the book plus seven chapters covering topics associated with enhancing the contribution of forests to poverty reduction, engaging the private sector, meeting the growing demand for forest products, optimizing forest functions at the landscape level, improving forest governance, mainstreaming forest considerations into macro - policy dialogue, and monitoring forest sector activities. Each chapter provides relevant background and context with a general overview of the fundamental issues, constraints, policies, and institutional requirements that need to be considered for specific topics. Each also provides the rationale for engagement and a brief discussion of past World Bank activities in the particular area. The second part provides guidance for implementing the World Bank's safeguard on forests.
Type of Tool
Directives. manuel, trousses pour les formateurs
Scale of Application
Forest Type
All forest types (natural and planted)
Primary Designated Function
Management Responsibility