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FAO's Governing Bodies have decided upon a series of criteria, i.e. the TCP Criteria that govern the use of TCP resources. Therefore, every request for TCP assistance, whether standard TCP project or TCP Facility modality (TCPF), is appraised against these criteria in order to determine its eligibility for support. The TCP Criteria are approval criteria that TCP proposals must meet to be eligible for TCP funding.

The TCP Criteria were revised in 2005 and 2009 with the aim to link TCP projects more strongly with national development priorities and with FAO’s Strategic Framework, to ensure that all TCP projects represent the most strategic use of FAO’s technical resources and to increase the sustainability of projects’ outcome and outputs. The main changes to the TCP Criteria introduced in 2005 and 2009 are explained in the FAQ Section of this Web site.

There are currently two sets of TCP Criteria - 10 criteria for development TCP assistance and 10 criteria for emergency TCP assistance. These criteria have been endorsed by FAO’s Governing Bodies and are applicable since January 2010. They are described in the TCP Criteria Table which is a part of the TCP Manual.

A good understanding of the TCP criteria by all partners is crucial to avoid preparing TCP projects which will not be considered eligible and which will therefore not receive funding from the TCP. The TCP Criteria analysis guidance tables for development projects and for emergency projects have been prepared to enable each actor to familiarize him/herself with these Criteria, determine whether additional information regarding a project idea or proposal is required, and to reach a conclusion on whether the proposal is or can be made eligible for TCP assistance.

As the eligibility of a country to request TCP support is the prerequisite for further analysis of any project ideas from that country, an in-depth description is provided below for TCP Criterion No.1 – Country eligibility which governs the access of countries to TCP assistance, as decided by the Governing Bodies.

All FAO member countries are eligible for accessing TCP assistance. However, the modalities through which they can access TCP assistance vary depending on the category (see below) to which they belong and the type of assistance (emergency or development) required.

-Category “Special attention” countries: FAO member countries which belong to one of the following lists - Low-Income Food-Deficit Countries (LIFDCs), Least Developed Countries (LDCs), Landlocked Developing Countries (LLDCs) and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) - can access TCP assistance (emergency and development assistance including TCP Facility) on a full grant basis.  These countries are considered “special attention” for the TCP and should therefore be favoured in the allocation of the resources with the aim to ensure that the share of the global TCP appropriation targeted at this category be 80 percent or higher.

- Category “High-income economies or members of the European Union”
: FAO member countries which belong to the list of "High-income economies" as published by the World Bank or to the list of "Members of the European Union" can access TCP assistance (development assistance including TCP Facility) on a full-cost recovery basis only. However, they can access TCP emergency assistance on a full-grant basis.

- Category “Intermediate countries”: FAO member countries not falling into any of the above categories constitiute the category of "Intermediate countries" and can access TCP assistance (emergency and development assistance including TCP Facility) on a full grant basis. They are however not considered as requiring “special attention” by the TCP and should therefore not be favoured in the allocation of the resources to the detriment of the “special attention” countries.  It is recommended that “Intermediate countries” give preference to the use of the TCP Facility.  Other TCP projects should have limited budgets and should focus on the provision of technical expertise for capacity building and not on material inputs.

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