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Food security in Ukraine: FAO distributes seed potatoes to vulnerable rural families
18/05/2022 - Some 46 000 people are assisted during the spring potato ...
Afghanistan: Humanitarian assistance averted a food security catastrophe in the harsh winter months but hunger persists at unprecedented levels
09/05/2022 - People require humanitarian assistance, livelihood support, jobs, and long-term investment ...
Young Syrians empowered with knowledge on digital agriculture
09/05/2022 - FAO, through its Smallholder Support Programme, has introduced digital agriculture ...
FAO and partners reach almost 11 million livestock in nationwide drought campaign
05/05/2022 - The emergency supportive treatment campaign protects livestock from drought-related diseases ...
FAO and Belgium assist communities in Kenya to avert a hunger crisis
26/04/2022 - A prolonged, multi-season drought is driving acute food insecurity across ...


FAO 2022 Appeals
Saving lives through stronger, more resilient livelihoods in 2022.
War in Ukraine
Concerning humanitarian crisis and the importance of agriculture.
Desert locust
The desert locust upsurge could have devastating consequences in already vulnerable regions...