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Goodwill Ambassadors



The FAO Goodwill Ambassadors . are entrusted with the important responsibility of helping FAO in raising general awareness to food security issues and mobilizing civil society as a whole in the struggle against hunger and malnutrition".


Using their talents and influence, a number of celebrities have joined the campaign to end world hunger together with FAO. By becoming FAO Goodwill Ambassadors, they have committed themselves personally and professionally to address the universal humanitarian goals that underpin FAO's mission - to build a food-secure world for present and future generations.


The FAO Goodwill Ambassadors Programme was initiated in 1999. The main purpose of the programme is to attract public and media attention to the unacceptable situation that more than 850 million people continue to suffer from chronic hunger and malnutrition in a time of unprecedented plenty. These people lead a life of misery and are denied the most basic of human rights: the right to food.


Governments alone cannot end hunger and malnutrition. Mobilization of the public and private sectors, the involvement of civil society and the pooling of collective and individual resources are all needed if people are to break out of the vicious circle of chronic hunger and persistent poverty.


Each of the FAO Goodwill Ambassadors has made a personal and professional commitment to address the universal humanitarian issues that underpin FAO's mission: to build a food-secure world for present and future generations. Using their talents and influence, the Ambassadors draw the old and the young, the rich and the poor into the campaign against world hunger. They aim to make Food for All a reality in the 21st century and beyond.


Each FAO Goodwill Ambassador is unique. But they all share certain basic characteristics: international reputation, high personal repute and personal and professional respectability, a demonstrated commitment to the goals and ideas of FAO, and a willingness to serve as the Organization's advocates, spokespersons and representatives.


FAO Goodwill Ambassadors are active at a variety of levels - from the national to the global. Specific activities are individually tailored to each personality, in accordance with his/her public image, capabilities and expectations. These activities include:

  • Undertaking official missions to visit FAO field projects;
  • Delivering high-profile messages at public and media events and appealing to the public to support FAO's campaign against hunger;
  • Recording promotional messages and spots;
  • Giving interviews about FAO's programmes and related issues for radio, television and print media; and
  • Participating in awareness-raising and fundraising events.
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