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General Information 

The Regional Office for the Near East has a Reference Library located on the ninth floor of RNE premises.

·   It is open to RNE, FAOR staff and official visitors to RNE from Sunday to Thursday 8.00- 15.00.

·   It is also open for Agriculture Academics, Researchers, Faculty students, Government employees and the Industry from Sunday to Thursday 10:00 - 13:00. 


Subject Coverage

Agriculture, Food and Nutrition, Rural Development, Plant Production and Protection, Animal Production and Health, Forestry, Fisheries, Sustainable Development, Statistics, Agricultural Economics and other related subjects.



The Library of the Regional Office contains over 20 000 volumes, titles , periodicals, and a collection of journals. The collection consists of FAO documentation, books and serials in FAO subject fields in English and Arabic if available. the contents of which reflect the activities of FAO in the field of food and agriculture, economics, statistics, fisheries, forestry and nutrition. In addition there is a special collection covering each country of the Region. The publications available include:

§   Annual statistics on production and trade, forestry, fishery year books, state of Food and Agriculture.

§   Copies of all reports presented by FAO and RNE experts in their specialized fields.

§    Collection of technical periodicals in all FAO field of interest.


The library reference collection includes encyclopedias and technical terminology bulletins published by the organization in different fields of agriculture and allied subjects.


Although the library was established basically for the use of RNE staff, it is now serving post-graduate students (M.Sc and Ph.D) and research workers, both at the individual and institutional levels.


The library contributes substantially towards one of FAO's main tasks: the dissemination of information on various aspects of food and agriculture. It puts at the disposal of those interested in the activities of FAO both in general,and in the Near East Region, a wide range of FAO and non-FAO technical publications.



Reference and Information services; a limited service of Reproduction of FAO documents;  training of Agriculture Librarians; Telephone enquiries at 33316000; and E-mail: .

FAO Virtual Library

The virtual library will enable the FAORs to provide countries with access to information at FAO Headquarters (bibliographies with full-text links) and in turn to enrich this information with data from country level. In the same way, participating government bodies will be able to create their own virtual libraries to enhance local access to information.


The following is the url address of FAO Virtual Library: 

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