Urban Food Actions Platform

The Milan Food Policy - Actions and Innovations for Making Urban Food Systems more Sustainable and Inclusive

Author: Coll.
Publisher: Ecocity builders

This training material showcase the Milan Food Policy with a focus on its Food Waste Management scheme. Through out 23 short videos, you'll meet all the actors engaged in food waste management, food recovery and surplus food distribution. You'll know more about the the priorities that have been set, their impacts, how this policy is monitored based on measurements, and how food gouvernance is key to develop such a policy taht engaged the public and the private sector as well. Last but not list, you'll fond their some related resources. Through the menu, you can also reach the full interview videos with the key influencers in the Milan Food Policy program.

Topic: Food loss and waste
Tags: Education, Food banks, Food councils/food boards, Monitor and evaluation, Recycling & recovering, Social enterprises, Social restaurants, Waste prevention
Organization: Ecocity builders
Author: Coll.
Year: 2019
Type: Methodology and Training Materials
City (Country): Italy
Region: Europe
Resource format: Video
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