Urban Food Actions Platform

Join the discussion through the Food for Cities Network

In addition to the present resource platform, which aims to share existing documents and multimedia dedicated to urban food, FAO invites you to join the discussion and collaborate through the "Food for Cities" network.

Facilitated by FAO, this online platform was put in place in 2009 for the international development community as part of the process of setting up multi-stakeholder platforms for dialogue, action planning and policy formulation on good governance on food, agriculture and cities. 

The Food for Cities Network aims at linking together individuals and organizations from the public sector, private sector, academic, civil society and practitioners, allowing them to exchange on urban food systems related issues. 

As of October 2020, over 3 800 individuals from 128 countries are registered on the Food for cities Network. 

The online platform is hosted on Dgroups, which is a web-based application that creates communities through mailing-lists. Users can join as members an exchange and receive contributions by using the web-based application but can also do it directly through their personal or professional email box by writing to [email protected].

To contact the administrators of the Food for Cities Network, send an email to [email protected].