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World Programme for the Census of Agriculture


World Programme of the Census of Agriculture 2020
Volume I: Programme, concepts and definitions
Guidance on the conduct of national censuses of agriculture has been provided to countries since 1930 through decennial programmes. This publication is intended to provide guidance on agricultural censuses carried out by countries in the period between 2016 and 2025.
This publication aims to provide practical guidance for population and housing census and agricultural census planners looking to implement a cost-effective census strategy by coordinating the population and housing census with the agricultural census.
2000 World Census: Main Results and Metadata
Statistical Development Series 12
These reports serve as the basis for preparation of internationally comparable data and for methodological studies related to the conduct of an agricultural census. Statistics Division concurrently disseminates through its website the key data on structure of agriculture and related metadata obtained through the country census reports.
The Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics presented in this document is based on input from a large number of stakeholders, including national statistical institutes and ministries of agriculture, and a number of regional and international organizations.
Indicators to measure food poverty and undernourishment are useful for understanding food insecurity at national level and within countries. This paper discusses two indicators: proportion of undernourishment, and proportion of critical food poverty.  
Rural Households’ Livelihood and Well-Being
Statistics on Rural Development and Agriculture Household Income
The handbook is intended for the benefit of various groups concerned with rural development and the evolving nature of the agricultural industry.
A non-parametric approach suggested by researchers from the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) for measuring food deprivation (undernourishment) is not an improvement to the current FAO parametric approach.    
The World Programme for the Census of Agriculture 2010 (WCA 2010) is intended to assist countries in the conduct of their national census of agriculture. It provides guidance on the integrated system approach to agricultural censuses and surveys.
This publication is a supplement to the definitions, concepts and standards presented in the Programme for the World Census of Agfriculture 2000. It is intended to help countries generate databases that are internationally comparable.
This publication is volume two of an introduction to establishing and conducting area and multiple frame probability sample survey programmes, emphasizing methods and practices applicable in developing countries.
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