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World Soil Day, December 5th

It's official: WSD 2017 was the most outstanding ever!

World Soil Day 2017 has been the most influential and best campaign to date, with more events held worldwide, more Facebook and Twitter followers, and more visits to the World Soil Day site than ever before. People around the world called for more sustainable use of soil, conveying the FAO message on the importance of soil quality for food security, healthy ecosystems and human well-being. 

WSD 2017 in fingerprints:

             ·         First ever Global Soil Organic Carbon map (GSOCmap

             ·         Glinka World Soil Prize 2017 awarded to Aapresid

             ·         WSD celebrations reached record high with 35% increase

             ·         People gathered at over 200 events

             ·         This year 72 countries celebrated WSD

             ·         22 new countries touched by the WSD campaign

             ·         Inaugurations of soil labs, soil painting competitions, soil experiments

             ·         4 official events in New York, Rome, Nairobi and Santiago de Chile

             ·         Adoption of the UNEA3 Resolution on Managing Soil Pollution

             ·         Global Symposium on Soil Pollution 2018 | 2 - 4 May 2018 | FAO HQ


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