World Soil Day

Official celebrations for WSD 2019

UN headquarters, New York, USA

World Soil Day celebration | 4 December | 01:15 pm

Organizers : FAO Liaison Office and UN Secretariat

Agenda and Webcast (soon available). More information here

FAO headquarters, Rome, Italy

    World Soil Day celebration | 5 December | 13:00 – 14:00

    Organizers : FAO Global Soil Partnership

    Agenda and webcast. More information here

    Bangkok, Thailand

    World Soil Day 2019 | 4 – 7 December 2019

    Organizer: Land Development Department

    More information here 

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Water crop productivity conference and World Soil Day celebration | 5 December | 6 pm

    Organizers : FAO sub regional office with participation from GSP

    Uppsala, Sweden

    World Soil Day 2019 – ”Soils, Land Use and Climate Change” | 5 December | 9:30 am

    Organizer: Department of Soil and Environment & SLU Future Food with participation from FAO/GSP

    More information here

    Oeiras, Lisbon, Portugal

    Comemoração do Dia Mundial do Solo-O Recurso Solo: Relevancia para Portugal | 5 December

    Organizer: Portuguese Soil Partnership with participation from FAO/GSP

    More information here

    Xi'an, China

    More information soon available

    Sochi, Russia 

    IVth International Scientific and Practical Conference on Food Security and Soil Science | 4 – 5 December 2019

    Organizers: Eurasian Center for Food Security with partners with participation from FAO/GSP

    Resources: PPTs | posters | photos | videos on YouTube | TV reportages on Vesti Sochi, SOCHI24December issue of ECFS's newsletter 


    More information soon available

    Dhaka and other 22 cities in Bangladesh

    Celebration of World Soil Day 2019 | 14 November – 4 December

    Organizers: Soil Resource Development Institute; FAO Bangladesh; SSSB; Practical Action Bangladesh

    More information here

    FAO regional, sub-regional and country offices

    • FAO Regional office for Asia and the Pacific (Bangkok)
    • FAO regional office for Europe and Central Asia (Budapest)
    •  FAO subregional office for Mesoamerica (Panama)
    • FAO subregional office for Central Asia (Ankara)
    • FAO Regional office for the Near East (Cairo)
    • FAO Subregional office for North America (Tunis)
    • FAO regional office for Africa (Accra)
    •  FAO Turkey
    • FAO Morocco
    • FAO Gabon
    • FAO Serbia
    • FAO Myanmar
    • FAO Nigeria
    • FAO DRC
    • FAO Argentina
    • FAO India
    • FAO Iran
    • FAO Bangladesh

    Sponsored events

    • 'World Soil Day celebration and launch of the Voluntary Guidelines For Sustainable Soil Management in Italian', 3 Dec 2019, Libreria della Camera dei Deputati, Rome, Italy
    • 'Isola della sostenibilita’, 5-7 Dec 2019, Macro Testaccio, Rome, Italy