In Dubai, UAE, Pristine Private School had started with its YUNGA challenges.

It was first introduced in 2015 to mark the Year of the Oceans.

Students of Grade 10 were involved in lessons where they had to use the Ocean Challenge Badge and delivered presentations:

Then during 2016, students were involved in the second YUNGA  “Soils Challenge Badge”. With the objective of raising awareness across Grade 1 and 2, and students of Grade 9. The students scripted and acted on a puppet show such as “Suzie and the Six Bees”, students created puppets using recycled materials and even sang a song that was an instant hit.

In 2016 students of Year 9 participated on a Workshop about Growing Your Own Food, an innovative way to ending hunger. For this workshop the YUNGA “Ending Hunger Challenge Badge” was used by the school’s Environmental Club and a Garden Patch was used for growing food.

On 15th October, a group of students of YUNGA Tribe Dubai visited Jebel Ali Wildlife Sanctuary which is one of the eight protected areas in Dubai. It was an exhilarating experience. It started with a short presentation from the founder of Emirates Marine Environmental Group (EMEG), Major Ali al Suweidi who explained the various initiatives taken by EMEG and introduced his talented and multinational team.

Then everyone was taken outside where they were taught how to plant mangroves. They were given a chance to select their own tools and begin digging to plant more mangroves. After that there was a short break where refreshments in the form of juices and cupcakes were given out by the enthusiastic team of EMEG. Everyone was then taken out to fill in the drawing of the UAE skyline with vibrant colours. Next, was bird watching with binoculars where flamingos were spotted flying followed by another short break with juices. To end the trip an interactive quiz was conducted and loads of pictures were taken.

It was truly a memorable day. Puzzles were given as gifts to all the students. It was an educational as well a fun-filled trip