Комитет по рыбному хозяйству
Тридцать шестая сессия, 8–12 июля 2024 г.
Рим, Италия

My Fish Food Experience

Eating fish is not just about nutrition: from catching it or buying it at a market stall, and then preparing, cooking it and sinking our teeth into something that’s succulent and tasty is a total experience! It tells us a lot about social and cultural practices, and it often reinforces the ties between ourselves, our communities.

In some parts of the world, consuming fish or fish products is a way to strengthen social ties, while in others, people eat fish because they like the taste and texture or its nutritional benefits. In many communities, the whole fish-eating experience from catch to table is part of a specific cultural identity or a habit that makes people feel at home.

With this in mind, we have invited all FAO staff to share their personal fish food experiences and culinary adventures, inspiring people to reflect on the wisdom of fishing communities.