Thursday, 7th December 2017 from 15.30 to 17.00, Iran Room

End poverty, build prosperity. Stories from Zambia and Paraguay

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The event "End poverty,build prosperity - Stories from Zambia and Paraguay" will discuss how to make agriculture and the rural economy more inclusive to eradicate hunger and poverty and achieve SDG 1 and 2. Because hunger and poverty are concentrated in rural areas, agriculture and the off-farm sector offer an opportunity to provide jobs, food and income to the 767 million people living in extreme poverty. Representatives from the Government of Zambia and Paraguay will share their successful experience on reducing poverty and hunger in rural areas, highlighting challenges and opportunities to achieving SDG 1 and 2.


The side-event on “End poverty, build prosperity” aims to engage member countries in a discussion on the strategies and policies needed to achieve SDG 1 and 2. The goal is to share successful experience on hunger and poverty eradication from different regions, including how multi-sectoral approaches and integrated policy can accelerate progress towards the achievement s of these goals. The event seeks also to identify the main challenges faced in achieving SDG 1 and 2 and reflect on how lessons learned can be replicated at global scale.

Moderator: Benjamin Davis, Leader of the Strategic Programme to Reduce rural poverty

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Responsible office:

Strategic Programme to Reduce rural poverty


English, French, Spanish

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