Private sector consultation

FAO REU facilitates first private sector consultation in the framework of ERC 32

For the first time ever, on 30th October, the FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (REU) has facilitated the organization of a private sector (PS) consultation prior to the Regional Conference for Europe (ERC).

The private sector representatives had the opportunity to prepare and discuss the topics of the main agenda points of the ERC, and to nominate two representatives from the participants to take active part at the 32nd Session of the ERC to convey the main discussion points and outcomes of the PS Consultation.

Having such PS Consultations in preparation of the ERC, would potentially increase the dialogue and opportunities for further strengthening the cooperation between FAO and the private sector in the region.

The PS Consultation has been attended by 26 representatives of the private sector, ranging from the big multinational companies and banks to medium and small enterprises. As a result, two representatives have been nominated to deliver their message and views under the two main agenda items of the ERC – Sustainable food systems and healthy diets in Europe and Central Asia, and  Solutions for Youth, Employment and Developing Rural Areas in relation to the United Nations Decade of Family Farming.

The important role that the private sector has in the Region is very much acknowledged by FAO, recognizing that should we really want to drive sustainable development further in a progressive manner, the private sector has to be fully on board as a key partner.

This private sector consultation was the first, but very important step towards more consistent and substantive cooperation.