International Symposium on Fisheries Sustainability

Innovation Forum

The Innovation Forum will provide participants of the Symposium a first glance at emerging work in the vast world of fisheries and aquaculture. Consisting of key stations and "stories", the forum will allow participants to explore innovations on-going, and to learn how benefits are impacting fisheries. The Forum aims to increase the understanding of how innovation is unlocking fisheries contribution to achieving Agenda 2030, beyond solely SDG 14. For that purpose, success stories presented at the Forum will illuminate key drivers that lead to successful cross-sectoral and cross-policy-and-science interface. Each partner’s station and "story" will demonstrate the impact that their innovations have made in people’s lives, and how this has impacted the broader fisheries sector.

The Innovation Forum will be located in the Atrium of FAO headquarters and will begin on the morning of 18 of November 2019. Participants of the Symposium are invited to pass through registration on 18 November, and continue directly inside the main entrance to visit the Innovation Forum.

Download the Innovation Forum Talks