Oversight Advisory Committee

The Oversight Advisory Committee serves as an independent expert advisory panel to assist the Director‑General and the Finance Committee on the internal control arrangements, risk management processes, financial reporting and internal audit, investigation and ethics functions of the Organization. The Committee advises on these matters taking into consideration the Financial Rules and Regulations, as well as policies and procedures applicable to FAO, and its operating environment.

The Secretary of the Oversight Advisory Committee is the Director of the Office of Strategy, Programme and Budget (OSP) ex officio, who reports directly to the Chairperson on matters related to the work of the Oversight Advisory Committee.

List of members (2022)

Mr Fayezul Choudhury

Former Chief Executive Officer, International Federation of Accountants (IFAC, New York), current Chairperson of the Oversight Advisory Committee

Mr Gianfranco Cariola

Director Internal Audit at Eni S.p.A.

Ms Malika Aït-Mohamed Parent

Independent Anti-Corruption Expert

Mr Honoré Ndoko

Independent international management and oversight expert

Ms Hilary Wild

Member CGIAR System Board, former Comptroller World Health Organization