FAO Regional Office for Africa
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The FAO Regional Conference for Africa (ARC) is held once every two years, in the years in which the FAO General Conference does not meet in regular session. The attendance of the Regional Conference is usually, at Ministers of Agriculture level. Observers from countries outside the Region, international, regional and Arab Organizations, are also invited to the Conference.

32nd Regional Conference for Africa (ARC)

ARC32 will be held from 11-14 April, hosted by the Government of Equatorial Guinea in Malabo and on Zoom.

The functions of the Regional Conference are to hold consultations at a high level, to indicate the special problems of the Region and the priority areas which should be taken into account in preparing the Programme of Work and Budget for the next biennium, as well as in relation to longer term programme objectives of the Organization to the needs of the Region; to undertake consultations on the means by which the countries of the Region can solve their own problems through the use of their own resources; and on the volume and nature of the external aid required to implement their food and agricultural development plans.

The Regional Conference may make recommendations to Member Nations in the Region, the Conference, the Council, the Director-General and, through the Director General, to the United Nations Regional Economic and Social Commission for Africa.

Place and Date of Regional Conferences for Africa Sessions