Eligibility of a country to access AGORA depends on key factors related to the country’s wealth and consequently, whether it falls into the ‘Group A’ or a ‘Group B’ category. Group A countries can access Research4Life content for free. Institutions in the Group B country, area or territory, can access the Research4Life resources at a cost of USD 1 500 per institution per calendar year (from January through December). These Group B funds are collected and used by UN agencies for outreach activities related to capacity development training of member institutions, and promotion of Research4Life resources. Access always covers the ve Research4life programmes and only one registration is required.

Eligible institutions whose staff and students may have access to the journals are: agricultural extension centres, government of ces and libraries, research institutes, and universities and colleges. International organizations are not eligible. All eligible institutions that register and are accepted in Group B receive a six month trial without payment. If a national institution in this low-cost access group cannot or chooses not to pay the annual fee, the institution will still be eligible for free access to a small number of information resources.

Many countries are eligible, but not all. Eligibility status can be found at: https://www.research4life.org/access/eligibility/

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